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Notification for Re-Interview

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United States

Great news!! I got my approval in the mail! I thank the good lord and all the good people in this forum who had shared their experiences helping the rest of us in this journey. 
It took a year for me and my family to finally get our approval decision and it's been quite a ride.
For those of you still waiting for a decision or an interview my advice:
1. Apply for an EAD as soon as you reached the 150 day. On the day 181 call USCIS to ask for a service request.
2.After getting the Ead go to the SS to apply for your SS card so you can start working.
3. Once you get your job, just live your life and eventually you'll have a good news in the mail because the USCIS is working their way up and be sure that eventually you will get a chance.

For more details visit this link:

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