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Waiting for Asylum Decision

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United States

 I have received my approval!! I can't explain the joy I am going through right now. I want to thank everyone in this forum. It has been the best experience for me. I learned a lot and gain a lot. I want to thank everyone but most specially the following person, thankful! Assylum, asylum seeker, and everyone else. I learned a lot from your posts. And I want to deep down my heart wish everyone all the best and keep the faith. You will get there!!! It is coming folks! Your approval is on the way! Specially those who get a second finger print notice. 
Jah bless to each and everyone. 
I applied after being here for 3 years. 
I was out of status when I applied in June 12,2013.
I had my interviewed July 24, 2013 
And from there on anytime I write they say case pending for background checks,
Approached senators office without any success,
Approached the ombudsman without any success.
Write a formal letter that I was going to sue them that is when they told me they will expedite my decision. After twenty days I got my final approval.

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