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Interview was moved to a different district, although I didn't move out of district

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United States

Here is my short story. Me and my wife applied in March, 2016. We were scheduled for interview in SF district for August, 4. Few weeks before the interview we submitted address change request and later got our confirmation letters. The new physical address is the same city and the mailing address is the different district. Everything remain same for my wife but something wrong happened to my case. It was cancelled and in few days scheduled again for August 30 but in the _different district_ - the Santa Clara district where my mailing address is in.

I assume the first officer that handles my wife's case did everything right, but the other officer sent my file to a different district just looking at the mailing address I provided, he ignored the fact that my physical address is still in the same city and district.

My questions is how do I reach someone who takes decision on where to send the file? How do I correct this officer's mistake? If I come at interview in Santa Clara and tell them that my physical address is still in SF - would they just send my file back to SF or they can make an interview with me?

Looks like the 1-800 number can't fix that, is there a way to trigger transfer call to a local office so that I can speak with any officer? Should I schedule an infopass in the SF or Santa Clara county?

For detail please check this link:

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