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CSC Updates - 8/12/09

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Time taken for a check to be valid after the time of arrival at the USCIS - The USCIS usually processes the fee-ing in of most of the applications within 24 hours of receipt. The bank has the option to accept or reject a fee instrument that expired at the time of its deposit. If the bank for expiry rejects the fee instrument, then the bounced check procedure is implemented and pursuant to 8 CFR 103.2(a)(7) (ii), the finance center will issue a bounced check notification. If the payment has been made within 14 calendar days of notice, the application will be processed and a processing fee will be charged. In the case of a Service error, a request for reimbursement of the processing fee may be submitted to CSC Customer Service Division.

When CBP grants the additional 10 day period The following points should be noted when filing H-1B petition extensions: 1. Even if CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) grants an additional 10-day departure period at the end of the H-1B stay on the I-94, the LCA (Labor Condition Application) and the I-129 start dates should reflect the end of the I-797 period and not the end date of the I-94. If the start dates on the LCA and the I-129 reflect the end date indicated on the I-94, a gap in employment status is created and the beneficiary is not eligible to work during the gap. 2. The basic rule is that the I-129 should request a start date that reflects the end date on the I-94 or the I-797 (whichever is shorter).

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