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NIW Experience - Very Encouraging

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United States

Dear all

I came to the USA from New Delhi, India with a Master's in Microbiology in 1992 - to pursue a Ph.D. in Biochemistry / Molecular biology specializing in protein engineering. In 2000, started a post doc- 7 months at Brigham and Women's hospital - did not get along with the indian jerk of a boss so changed to the main Harvard medical School quad under a fantastic caucasian post doc mentor and a very good friend, a very liberal democrat (Go John Kerry).

In 2002, I submitted a big package of an application for a NIW Based on anti-angiogenesis and anti-cancer cell proliferation therapies. A great overlap between my Ph.D. work and my 2nd Post doc. My Ohio based lawyer and my post doc mentor helped me write a 75 page research summary. I have 6 papers all in international journals, 4 of which are first author. I had 11 letters of recco - 5 from Harvard, 3 from Kent State, 1 from Univ of Hong Kong, 1 from Univ of Bath , UK and 1 from Mass genral hospital. In addition the protein I was working upon had gained a lot of fame and reports had been published in newspapers all over the world- mind you it was not my work but my lab's accomplishment and I was continuing on the same protein called Angiogenin. You may have heard of Judah Folkman's rise to fame - the vascular epidermal growth factor and endostatin - this was in the same league. The lawyer and I made a big case of the importance of my research. The lawyer's language and presentation were flawless and precise - every recco letter and cover letter made a point to address NYSDOT point.

Anyways before I got my I140 approval - I used my EAD to jump onto a start up company in Northern Mass. By the grace of God - I got an NIW approval in April 2004,. I had filed my I-485 in July 2003 - I got that approval last Firday- 3 weeks after our 1st finger print and got my passport stamped at Boston USCIS a day after the election ( Still - Yay John Kerry). I am still waiting for the plastic to be delivered to my door step

My wife has also had her approval come in, but since she is travlleing on her parole she will get stamped after she returns.

I have been very lucky and I wish that all those who deserve their chance at the american permanant residency, get it. I have derived a lot from this borad, my utmost thanks to Brian and other friends I have made on this board.

I feel very humbled and grateful to the LORD.

It would be my pleasure to help anyone who wants it. I especially have a very soft corner for doctoral students and post docs - I have been there - I understand how it feels.

best regards and wishes
God Bless