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Guestbook Entry for Vijay Kelwadkar, United States

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Vijay Kelwadkar
United States

I am very much impressed with the professionalism of Richa Narang, one of Mr Khanna's staffers. She was very patient and worked very hard to complete all the forms and putting the supporting documents together before filing with USCIS. I used the services of Mr Khanna's firm to file for Green Card through labor certification (EB2 Non-RIR) in Oct' 2003. In Jan' 2007 the Department of Labor came back asking us to convert non-RIR to a RIR application. Mr Khanna's firm supported me with documentation, news paper ad details and answers to lots of my queries. The RIR application was mailed on 03/29/2007 and I received a notice from US Department of Labor on 04/26/2007 that my labor has been Certified. I really appreciate the hard work put in my Richa Narang and her team. Hopefully the rest of GC process would be quick. I highly recommend Mr.Khanna's office and staff for all immigration purposes. Keep up the good work. Thanks