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USCIS Ombudsman's Office Teleconference on L-1B "Specialized Knowledge"

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The Adjudication of L-1B "Specialized Knowledge" Worker Petitions: How Is It Working for You?
Tuesday, February 7, 2012
2:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST

This teleconference presents an opportunity to learn about the experiences of employers filing L1-B nonimmigrant petitions with USCIS. The L-1B classification allows an employer to petition for an employee who has "specialized knowledge" of the employer's products, services, research, equipment, techniques, management, or other interests and its application in international markets, or expertise in the employer's processes and procedures, from a qualified affiliated entity outside the United States.

The Ombudsman's Office would like to hear about your experiences with USCIS adjudications of "specialized knowledge" filings. Participants are encouraged to join this discussion by anonymously sharing their experiences during the teleconference.

To register, please RSVP to and reference "L-1B Telecon" in the subject line of your email. Participation in these teleconferences is anonymous. Comments, questions, materials, or suggestions regarding this topic should be directed via email to the Ombudsman’s Office at

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