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Guestbook Entry for Ravi Sunchu , United States

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Ravi Sunchu
North Carolina
United States

: Dear Rajiv:

I really appreciate the diligent work that you and your team put into my case.

The fact that we didn't get any RFEs for my I-140 and I-485 petitions, in spite of having my previous I-140 petition and the MTR denied by USCIS, shows clearly that you know the way to present material to USCIS so that it doesn't leave any questions/doubts in their minds that we qualify to stay in this country. I believe this is the result of your analysis of each case meticulously and preparing the supporting documentation according to the nature of the case, rather than following a cookie cutter formula like lot of other attorneys. I have seen my previous attorney do it and lot of friends' attorneys doing this. The standard statements I have heard so many times... "We don't need to submit that document now. We can submit that if USCIS asks for it". Forget about sending the documents to USCIS, they don't even let us know that we may need a piece of document and ask us to have it ready. Everything seems to be reactive, rather than proactive. No wonder USCIS takes so long to process some applications. They have to ask for every piece of information and at some point, they might even deny the petition for lack of clear evidence.

For all people who are going through the long and painful process of getting GC, there is only one advise I would like to give. Try to have a highly experienced immigration attorney like Rajiv on your side from day one. It is really hard to correct the mistakes done by other attorneys later. A petition filed with all the necessary paperwork, in the correct form and order will save you from a lot of heartache later on. Even if your company doesn't reimburse for the expenses, it's worth paying for it from your pocket.

And Rajiv, I would like to make a small suggestion to your staff too. While both my I-140 petition (re-filing) and H-1B extension petitions were being processed at the same time (during Dec 05 - Jan 06 timeframe), when your staff asked for copies of the same documents multiple times, it was getting on my employers nerves. The rant I kept on hearing from my company's HR people was, 'we just mailed/faxed them that document last week. Why are they asking for another copy again?'. Members of different teams didn't seem to have any idea that another petition is being handled by a person in the same office and that those documents already exist in another folder in the same office. A few small notes tagged to the files or consolidation of documents for each client might make the experience even more pleasant.

Thank you so much for your help and attention. I wouldn't even think of going to any other attorney for any future immigration related work I might have.