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Canada Ottawa consulate stamping

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United States

Stayed at HolidayInn rented a car , got the scottia bank deposit slip from a near by bank. 
Morning 9:55 AM eached embassay, interview was at 10:00,Security checked my confirmation letter and asked me to go to cashier window , cahier window person was realy sweet and was joking all the way. Asked 1) what visa am i applying for ?- H1b 2) what is my status in canada - Tourism - visitor visa , took the scotiia bank slip and gave me a number 
my number was annouced and they called my number for finger printing. after finger printing again waited for my interview. my number was announced
VO officer
Is it same company you are renewing your visa for ? 
nope, i changed company.
Which one are you working for ? and what do they do 
what is your role in it
could you please explain company business once again
i took out my emp verification letter and he saw that and asked my payslips, after payslips he was just chatting with me regular chats. and told me that visa is issued and you could collect passport day after tommorow. 
 Keep life simple with keeping everything straight and legal and there wont be any issues ...

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