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Interview in Dhaka

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United States

I had been called for interview on 23rd Aug at Dhaka USA embassy. I am a DV 2012 applicant from Bangladesh and my DS-230, 122 form and pgotograph was received by KCC on 24th July 2012. 9th August I received 2NL and my interview was 23rd Aug.

My interview was so far good. I was able to submit all papers/documents that they have asked. After the interview Consular Officer said "you will get visa. your interview is successful. but we need time to complete our official work. This is Normal."

Then the Consular Officer gave me a greenish sheet in which he tick mark on Section 221(g) and written the comments "After completion of additional processing, immediately we will contact with you". No additional papers were asked. we (me and my wife) are realy passing sleepless night and worried regarding the result of interview.

Friends, we are afraid because we don't have enough time only one month left. I am confused about the comments of Consular Officer. Do you think that interview was good? would you please share your experience? Thank you all in advance.

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