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United States

hey people,

finally got approved after the priority date got current. had my interview in milwaukee, yesterday 5/17. i noticed while i waited for him to finish something else that the approved stamp was already placed on the file in front of the desk. i verified to see if it was the same A number as mine and it was. so after a minute he simply took my signature and fingerprint on an unfilled form which i hope he filled out later while he was still on the phone. he then proceeded to tell me that all was well and i could go. so then i asked him about the passport stamp and he took out this stamp and asked for my passport. he stamped, put his signature. and that was that. really fast and quick.

i dont really know why i was called for the second interview. the guy seemed surpised that i already had an interview when i told him. he after that he didnt ask a single question. but i guess now i dont have to go again for the passport stamp but then again, these days the card itself seems to be coming in quick quickly.

Interesting thing about the case is that the online status hasnt changed in more than a year ever since it was transfered to Milawukee. i am guesing that unless NSC is actively processing this online status has no bearing.

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