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Transferred case approved at SF office

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United States

Our case was initially filed with VSC in March, 2001 (EB2 and future-employment based, the petitioning company is located in NJ and we always work in California)

In Jan, 2004, our case was said to be "transferring" to SF local USCIS office for interview and after many times of phone inquiries and letter/fax sent over to them from my wife and the attorney, an office finally (after 7-8 months of newless waiting) get in touch with the attorney(in NJ) earlier this month and indicated that interview is unnecessary, however, we do need to surrender some docuemnt.
Here is the list:
1. 2 recent paystubs
2. future employment company employment letter
3. current company's employment letter (from HR)
4. current company's last 2 years income tax (since I'm working for a public company, downloaded the 10-K SEC filings online
5. all original Advance Paroles
6. I-89 form filled up. (order green card?)
7. Supplemental I-485A form (there is a 3-week gap between my OPT and H-1 application date, thus I have to surrender 1000 bucks fee for it, good gov biz)
8: Publicly notorized Affidavit of Non-criminal record. (for both me and my wife: cost 10 bucks each)
They also requested similar(fewer) documents from my wife, but since she is derivative, attorney composed a letter to convinence the officer that she obligates nothing to USCIS.

We surrendered the document last Thursday and the officer kindly called me yesterday, while I was hiking around the office building, telling me that the approval notice will be sent out today, then we can get stamped with the approval notice at SF office later on.

3.5 years since we initially filed LC...
2.5 years since we filed I-485...
man... I can hardly say it's a relief or not, it's simply like you have been hanging up there for too long and the original goal was almost intangible; all your energy have burned off with it.

It's something we call:C'est la vie folks.

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