Finger print experience

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United States

Based on the advice of some of the members at immigrationportal and being an eternal optimist, I went to Vermont Service center on Aug 23rd taking a dayoff. The lady in the counter told me that my file is in queue for FP scheduling. I told her that I got the same reply even two months back when I made senatorial enquiry.
I asked her that my FP has not lapsed and so rather than putting in the queue, INS should have adjudicated my case. She said that they will not process the cases if FP was lapsing so close. I asked her is more than two months close enough ? She said that even two months should be considered close enough. I don't know how to argue. I realised that she does not want to accept and so she was giving all kind of excuses.She suggested about finding the status in the internet ,also suggested me to register for a email notification service and also InfoPass.
I got the appointment on Sept 3rd for the new service called nfoPass. I think it was started recently in Newark. I went to the office at the appointment time taking 1/2 day leave. When I asked for status, the first question she asked where it was filed and I said Vermont. She said that she cannot give detailed status as it is filed in the Service center
and not at that local office. She looked at her computer and started
reading whatever I can see in the internet. I said that I knew this info.
She said that there is no point coming to that office for enquiry. To console me she said that "Be patient", a word I hear verywhere. I said in a laughing tone(not sarcastic) that don't you think that I am patient enough. I also said that there is no point asking patience from a helpless person. Only those persons who has options can show patience. At this point, she asked me to wait and went inside. Finally she brought a
printout from the computer and when I start smiling she said in a
apologetic tone that she cannot get more information even from the other system. I said thank you as at least she tried.
This is my experience.

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