DV 2013 Visa Interview Experience, Kathmandu Nepal

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United States


Here is my DV visa interview experience. It was a success.

Embassy: Kathmandu, Nepal

CO: Male, Mid 30s
Interviewee (Me): Male, Mid 20s, Single.

CO: What is your name ?
CO: What did you study ?
CO: Why did you go to that college ? (college was in India)
CO: What do you do now ?
... (I said I used to work as .....)

CO: Why did you leave the job ?
... (I said to for this interview, had to leave the country of job and come prepare documents)

CO: What if you don't get visa ? 
... Sir, then I will do something else.

CO: You, don't have to do 'something else'

... (I was little confused, didn't understand first, then got his point)

CO: You qualify for the visa. Please come on after 3 days to collect your visa packet

*** Important information for Nepalese candidates ***

Please take little more money than what the exchange rate says. While the exchange rate was around 97 Rs/$, they charged us at 100 Rs/$. (Thankfully I had just enough -- after emptying my pockets).

Also please see if your photo is valid and good. Lot of people were sent back to get new photographs. 
Don't wear glasses (even though US website says its fine). Don't have any part of your hair cut from photo (for peole with long/curly/wavy hairs).

All the best to everyone.....

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