DV- Kenya Interview Experience

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United States
My interview was scheduled for 8.00am i was there @ 6.30 which was early but its good , they dont allow you in until 30mins to your time.
it wasnt as cold, i had a running stomach.. for some reason my stomach started aching
We were searched at the gate as we entered the compound ( make sure you have your appointment letter and passport out)

o the second entrance , a lady confirms your appointment again , you queue not for long the the last security check ( all phones off), you leave your phone here and given a tag.

finally you walk along mowed grass to the main entrance, a lady takes your ppassport and appointment letter, at this point you are give a number mine was C423 you are made to wait outside until your no is called. give you original documents for scrutiny make payments and wait..if you have forged documents this is the moment you should start running away..

finally i was called to window 9 am lucky coz most guyz goin to window10 were either denied or put on AP(ni mzungu ako hapo)
i was interviewed by a black lady and from the accent i realized she is Kenyan..she had a serious face but she knows her job too well..
the interview went like this..

CO: raise your hand ... do you swear to tell the truth n ..nothing but the truth?
Papa: Yes
now at this moment she started typing .................................at this point i felt i had it already...and relaxed no questions for close to 2 mins
CO: are you single
papa: yes
CO: Any kids ?
Papa: YEs i have a son with my ex
CO: DO you support your child ..
Papa: Yes
co: his name please
Papa: blabla....
co: thats very impressive American government loves children
(guys if you have a child please and you may want him to join you in the future, kinldy say the truth..a child must not suffer coz you didnt agree with the mother)
CO: heighest qualification?
Papa: bal bla
CO: where do you intend to stay
Papa: blabla
Co: your relation with host?
Papa: blabla
Co: where do you work?
Papa: blabla
Co: your designation?
Papa: blabla
CO: your visa has been granted,!
finally she gave me a piece of paper on how to pay the USCIS , she further told me i can pay when i arrive but its advisable to pay before i live

I will be around for a while now that i dont have pressure maybe travel in may!
Blessing to makiki, karendi, obeezy, neckelly, dubai-B, frank80 and all other that i haven't mentioned ...It shall be well
just speak the truth and the truth shall set you free!!

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