DV Lottery Interview Experience

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United States

Hello people.

i had my interview a month ago and due to sputum test thing i had to wait till today for the results.
they sent my medical report to embassy and tomorrow i am going to send my passport to embassy for temporary visa.
i had my interview with my wife, and we waited like 2 hours before the interview.

my wife and i were married after i won the lottery by the way.
we got lots of photos with us to Ankara. 

We wanted to have our interview in Turkish but the guy did not know that much Turkish that's why we did the interview in English. He was a nice person.

We first swore.
At phone, when we called the embassy before the interview when we were making our documents ready, they said to me that it was not necessary to get bank documents which showed transactions from 1 year before. my wife got those documents in case, and they wanted those documents(transaction documents) during the interview. 

after we gave that document, he asked me some questions.

He asked : What are you planning to do there?
I said : i am planning to work as a software developer

He asked : where are you planning to go?
i said : to San Francisco.

He asked : when did you meet?
I said : 2011 August something.
My wife said : No, it was december 2010. we met at december and started dating at august 2011.
I said : oh ok. 

and then he said that everything was fine and to send our passports after the medical report was ok.

he did not want any photos or something, i think it was because we were nice as a couple or something .

and a question : i will send our passports tomorrow. how long does it take for the visa?

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