Applied based on Marriage- My Story - need more document to prove my marriage

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United States
  1. I have applied for Naturalization based on Marriage. Just had my interview this morning. Something i would like to share with this forum members:

    Background- My interview time was 7:00 AM. Early in the morning! The officer called my name, i went there and took a oath. Then she confirmed my name and DOB. Right after that the 3rd question was "Do you want to change your name?", (she was reading those from my application) i reply "Yes". Then she replied "Sure you are!" (the expression was, as i interpreted, more work for her, which she was not expecting at the very beginning of the day and on a separate note she has issue with her boiler company at her house- she answered the cell phone in-front of me!). This is my start!

    I was asked few question about the US civics, which i passed. Then she started to look for documents. Now the important things.....

    I have submitted my tax files for last 3 years. That she didnt accept as it was from turbo tax. She wanted to see real IRS document. I filed my tax - married and joint. My strongest document get denied that we are married and stays together. She even didnt bother about the Marriage certificate. According to her, the things that proves in paper that we are married are:

    1. Insurance/ Medical Benefits / Beneficiary document- [I already contacted my HR. I have collected the documents that shows that my spouse is with me].
    2. Driving license of my spouse- [i have it now]
    3. Utility bills - (i bought my bank statement- didnt work)
    4. Joint Bank Statement - [going to open a joint account]
    5. IRS authenticate Transcripts -[i used this to order ]
    6. Lease document for house rent/ own-[had it, just didnt think about it before]

    While she was looking for these, i tried to give her my child's birth certificate (according to her its a proof of parent, not necessarily mean that we are married!), dental insurance card which indicates my spouse name, W2 of my spouse (to prove that we stay together)- but still not enough to prove we are married. I didn't find any document/ anywhere that mentions to take all these document at all.

    Anyway, from this interview, i came out with one thing- "i'm not married with my spouse" (at least not in pen and paper).

    They gave me a new schedule after 3 months. They gave me the new checklist as mentioned above. I'm okay with it. I have no rush.

    Better get prepared with all possible (does not matter if it does not make sense to you) and hope for a good luck. "Luck" is needed to have a good mood / environment during the interview.

    Excuse my language/ grammar. No offense meant to the officer as well. Just wanted to share with anyone else who is going to attend the interview in recent times. 

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