N-400 Naturalization experience

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United States

My interview happened on August 23rd, was based on as Asylum based Green Card. I got to 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan on time and sat down. About 45 minutes later, I, along with 5 other names were called and asked to come through a door. We were led into another smaller room and asked us to sit down. And told us we'd be called. It was probably a different part of the floor where other immigration officers sat. it's also possible we had special circumstances in our cases. I was called first and met an EXCEPTIONALLY professional, polite, and pleasant Immigration Officer. She swore me in, and sat down. We went right to the English Civics questions. I passed the english easily and some of the questions that I can remember were.. 

"What are the first 10 amendments called?"
Me: "Bill of Rights." Check by the Officer.
"How long do we elect a president for?" 
Me: "Four" Check by the Officer.
"Who is the Speaker of the House?"
Me (rolling my eyes HARD): Speaker John Boener. Loud laugh by Officer, and a check.

At this point, another gentleman, who was probaby being trained to becomen an Immigration officer joined us.

She asked me if I had taken any additional trips since I had applied. I responded No. 
She asked me about Selctive Service and if I had applied I told her I had a valid on-immigration visa when I applied for asylum and received my final Asylum after I had turned 26 and had the Approval letter which stated that I needed tto apply for Selective Services if I was less than 26 years of age. Which was proof enough for her.

She then went through all of the questions about past arrests/detentions. I had indicated in my original asylum application that I was detained in my home country in 1999 by policemen really looking for a bribe. (I know they only care about anything only in the past 7 years when it come to arrests, detainings, etc.) She wrote, detaining in 1999 aged out. And at that moment I asked her about speeding tickets and whether I had to disclose them. she asked me what I did with them? I told her that I paid them. And she was like, ok, great! 

I did change my name and subsequently changed my signature as well. She also said that my oath would be taking place in a different place where there would be a judge who would be doing the name change. Also, that my oath ceremony would take across the street because of the name change. It is going to be quick! I can't wait, I'll be a citizen in time to vote in the NYC PRIMARIES as well as the actual election!!!!

Hope this helps and let me know if anyone has any questions.

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