N-400 Timeline - Naturalization Experiences

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United States
  1. Just came back from the Oath Ceremony at White Plains' Court House. It was emotional, finally it is over. I was able to apply for my passport at the same place right after the ceremony. The Actually Ceremony only took about 15 minutes, it was the process before hand, waiting for the Immigration officers to check everyone's info that took a while. Thanks god and everyone, and good luck to all who is currently on the process...See you all in Family based forum!
    5 yrs rule
    DO :NYC
    12/17/12: (Day 0) N-400 mailed to Lewisville
    12/19/12: (1) N-400 delivered
    12/29/12: (10) Recieved NoA & ASC notices
    01/22/13: (34) ASC Fingers print Done
    01/24/13: (36) In line for interview
    06/10/13: (174) scheduled for Interview
    07/15/13: (210) Interview date
    07/16/13: (211) Oath Scheduling Que
    07/25/13: (220) Oath Scheduled
    08/21/13: (247) Oath done, Passport applied
Citizenship and Naturalization: