Naturalization Experience

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United States

My interview Experience. On 7/15/13, I was scheduled for 9am appointment at 26 Federal Plaza. Arrived at the door at 8:20, got through securities and headed straight to the assigned room. Handed in my Appointment's notice at the window roughly at 8:30. The room was packed. I Was called at 10:15 AM. (The longest wait ever if you know what I mean)

The officer was very nice and friendly. She took me to her Cubical and asked me to raise my right hand, sworn me in. Then pulled my file, it was a lot of files. She asked me to show her my GC and my passport. While she search for my file on the computer she asked me how did I get the GC and who was the person that sponsored me. I gave her the story. She then proceeded to the Civic and written examination. Since I got them all correct, she stopped at 6 questions . Then we went through the entire application. Everything was straight forward, when it came to the selective service registration, she asked if I have any proof and to show her the proof. There is one thing I don't think anyone experienced yet on this forum..... when she asked if I would serve in the arm forces if require.... I answered yes. But then threw me off by asking what is the reason why I would serve in the arm forces. I just gave her quick answer. Then she asked me to check my information on a page which she had printed, and sign my name on the last page of the application. The entire interviewed lasted only 8 minutes, since I had no complications or anything and she was very fast. She Congrats me and said the oath letter should arrive within 2 months, handed me the notice and walked me out.

Now that the hardest part of the Naturalization is done, I can finally breath a little easier. I want to thanks everyone who shared their experiences. To all the knowledgeable people, and the mods. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to answers important questions and concerns. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. God Bless!

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