Frequently Asked Questions - Nurses

Administrative Review - EB3

EB-3, whether for nurses or any other worker, requires either 2 years of experience OR a bachelor's degree.

English Language Exemption for VisaScreen for Nurses

For VisaScreen --

Applicants educated in specific countries where English is both the native language and the language of classroom and textbook instruction (see below) are exempt from having to take an English language proficiency examination. For you to be exempt, you must meet BOTH of the following criteria:

1. your country of entry-level education was in United Kingdom (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland), Australia, Canada (except for Quebec), New Zealand, Ireland or the United States, and

Processing Times Involved in NIW

You can change employers any time if you are a self-applicant and will continue to work in your stated area of national interest.  But NIW priority date will take the same time as a normal EB-2 application does.  See: 

Can An Associate Degree Qualify For RN Based H-1?

The simple answer is, no, unless you also have 6 years of professional experience. Also note, not all RN's can qualify for an H-1.

Registered Nurse

1. Get an H-1 transfer.


"Yes. Although your professional education was completed in the United States, the purpose of the VisaScreen®: Visa Credentials Assessment is to provide a screening program which meets all federal requirements for international health care professionals seeking an occupational visa in the United States, irrespective of where the professional education was completed. However, there is a streamlined process for foreign-born health care professionals educated in the United States." From CGFNS.

RN F-1 visa

You will have several years of wait in the green card process.

Green Card for RN

It will not speed things up, but filing for Adjustment of Status (which is available only to folks who are already in USA), makes it possible to continue to stay in USA while the green card process is in the works.

EB-2 eligibility

If your job requires BS + 5 years experience and you meet the requirements, EB2 is a possibility. Assuming you are born in a country for which the EB2 priority dates are current, you should get an EAD while the 140 and AOS are still pending.

I got my BSN in the US

Your employer's role in this process is limited. You can pay for all expenses yourself. The length of the process is determined by the country of birth.

My wife filed for Skilled Worker

There is nothing in law that stops you from getting an NIV. But grant of visas like B-1/B-2 is completely discretionary.

E3 visa for LPN

As far as I remember, most nurses jobs do not qualify for H-1/E-3 type visas because a US Bachelor's degree is not required for the jobs. If you can find a job where a Bach. degree is the minimum requirement, you can be eligible for E3 or H-1B.

US RN Graduate foreign national

Start with Optional Practical Training.

Visa Retrogression - Nurses

An F-1 student could apply, but will not get the green card right away. I cannot provide a list of hospitals that we work with. That would be a breach of confidentiality in my view. Nurses typically use H-1B, H-1C, H-2B and TN visas.

LPN applying for green card

 LPN's can apply for green card, but only RN's get the the benefit of schedule A green card without labor certification. See this page also:

I am an International student, with F-1 visa

That is how most students get their employment-based green cards. Once you become an RN, under the current law, it should be relatively easy to apply for your green card. There may be other options as well.