EAD-AC21-Self Porting

I have EAD/Pending AOS. I ported to employer B based on AC21 in 2008. Now i am considering a great opportunity: -Joining S corporation in Florida _I will receive similar hourly rate as prior employer -similar job -i will receive 40% of profits on top of salary -the new corporation will be my fututre full time job Does the new corporation have to be huge with lot of finances for me to use the AC21? I have valid EAD can I join as a partner in the S corporation in Florida? Any thoughts things i,ve to carefull with?

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Very little is clear about self-porting. Read the Yates Memo of May 2005. It seems you should be fine as long as the jobs are same or similar, but like I said, not much is known about this issue.

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