My naturalization interview experience

I had my interview today.The officer asked me simple direct questions like my DOB,when I came to USA ,when I moved to this state..then on the trips section he said "what was your purpose of your visits, becuase I see trips for like 3 months "i said " i visited my husband and relatives"and thats it on this section,given that i made 6 trips out,the longest is for 5.5months after civics,he said I passed,but no decision was made because they need to review my physical residency. Is my case very bad? I am worried!total days spent out were 554(1.5yr)in my 5yr residency!how bad is that? do they take long time to respond?

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I see no problem with the visits - they were all less than 6 months. I think it should be ok. It is difficult to estimate how long it will take.

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