Not Worked for Green Card Sponsoring Company – – Fraud Implication for Naturalization/Citizenship

In Summary,
* I worked for the same Company from 2004 to 2014 (2004 - 2011 in US on H1B, and 2011-2014 in India)
* BUT, after Green card, I did not work for the Company in US.
* I don't have even a single paycheck from US Company after receiving GC.
* Since then, I have been working in a job with same job description that my GC was filed for.
* All other history is clean. I have two US born children, Always paid taxes on time, no legal cases.
I heard from reliable sources that under current circumstances, my case will be marked as fraud and there is a 99% chance that they will revoke my GC and deport me, as I didn't stay with the employer that sponsored my GC.
* Should I be really concerned?
* What are my options?
* I have the option of going back to the same employer now. Does that help?
* If my wife applies for Naturalization instead of me, is that going to be any different?

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Not worked for green card sponsoring company

– – fraud implication for naturalization/citizenship

Video Transcript

This is a difficult situation.  I would argue that this is fine because once you went and got the green card you took the job and you are just working for the company's operations outside the USA temporarily. So I think it's going to be a touch and go, but that is what I would argue. You definitely need to take a lawyer with you. More...

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