Joining an employer after green card approval

I am a Canadian citizen and was staying in Canada from Feb2008 to Nov 2011. From Canada, I filed for CP EB3 with employer A and GC was approved for the same employer in September 2011. I entered the US in the mid of Nov 2011. Didn't join employer immediately after coming to the US. I told my employer verbally and assure him that I will join him in 2-3 months and He agreed to it. In December 2011 went to India for two weeks(due to father's death anniversary). After coming back from India took a break (needed time to heal. Didn't try or looked to join any other employer).And finally from February 2012 started working for employer A who sponsored my GC. I joined a different employer in mid of 2013.
After entering US through CP EB3 in Nov 2011 and not working at all taking break and then joining GC sponsorship employer A. Will this gap (3 months) negatively affects citizenship application? Is it mandatory to join immediately? Can a new GC card holder legally stay without a job for a while immediately after GC is approved?

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You not only were first working for this employer then you went to Canada, you were never out of status, then you came and joined the same employer after three months and actually you continued working for them. I don't think it is a problem. I don't think it will be a problem for your naturalization either. More...

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