Watch out - the prioirty date cut off in March was effective immediately

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The April 2009 Visa Bulletin was issued on March 9th. The VB said the visa numbers for EB3 were unavailable with immediate effect (Philippines retrogressed to 2003).

This is highly unusual. The visa bulletin is a forecast for the month ahead and does not take effect immediately. But State Department says that this one was of immediate effect.

What does this mean?

1. For people going through consular processing (instead of AOS), consulates with be able to issue immigrant visas only in rare instances where visa numbers were obtained before March 9.

2. Similarly, USCIS will not approve any adjustments unless the visa numbers had already had been obtained.

3. Cases filed after March 9th subject to "immediate effect" will most likely be rejected.

4. We do not yet know if USCIS will eject I-485's filed during March based on the March Visa Bulletin issued February 10, 2009, but it seems unlikely that they will.

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