EB-1A Directly from India and Green Card

I am from India and holding an Indian passport. I work for a IT company. I manage around 250 members. One of the agencies are tied up with another EB-1 and EB-2 processing agency in USA and informed me that they can help in processing EB1-A visa (Self Petition).
My questions are:
1. Is there a category of Visa as EB1-A?
2. If so, is there a possibility for self - petition? i.e. without an employer?
3. If I file EB1-A, what is the waiting period? Approximate is adequate.
4. Once I get the EB1-A visa, can I self apply for Green card or should there be an employer assisting to file for Green card?
5. If I apply for Green card on an EB1 A, how long generally with it take?

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1.  Yes.  See: http://www.immigration.com/greencard/eb1-green-card/eb-1-extraordinary-a...

2.  Yes, self petition is possible under EB-1A.

3.  Usually, it takes appx a year for the whole process.

4.  EB-1A IS a green card category.  Nothing else is needed.

5.  See 3 and 4.

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