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I am 38 year old Banker working in Doha Qatar, I have 16 year old son studying in 10th grade in Qatar, Recently I came across radio advertisement from Dubai that to avail Green Card I need to invest 500,000/- USD with projects of those construction companies stating that within 18 months I can avail conditional green card and within the next 24 months, I will have permanent Green card. My investment of 500,000/- USD will be returned back after five years without any interest or benefits. Once I will have conditional green card , will my son be eligible to get admission in US universities under Local student fees structure and not international fees structure.

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When you are doing an investment based green card first of all you have to look at these moving parts:

One set of moving parts is, do you want to invest half a million dollars or a million. Second moving part is do you want to run the business yourself or let somebody else run the business.

So when you invest 500,000 dollars in an approved investment scheme remember it is only approved for immigration compliance expectedly. They can still mess up and they do. There is no guarantee that this scheme will be successful or your money is safe. So don't think that just because the investment scheme has been approved by the government it is either safe or even honest. Nobody can tell you that. You have to assess that. There are some services out there who help you make those decisions. I don't recommend any. I have never used any. We have dealt with EB-5's through investment centers as well as individual businesses.

So if you want to start your own business what you have to do is invest either half a million in some of the areas that are considered to be rural or targeted employment areas where the unemployment is about 50 percent higher than the national average. 

The way the process of the green card works is once you make the investment, whether it is an investment center or your own particular business, you can then file the first set of forms which almost take two years to complete then add to it another six to eight months then you get your conditional green card. Therefore, it takes between two - three years under the current environment.

Once you get the conditional green card you can come to the USA, you can start living here, your son can start going to school. 90 days before the end of the two years another set of forms is filed to remove the condition that shows that ten American jobs have been created and that the investment is on track, that's when you get your permanent green card. More...

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