Entering the USA on B-1/B-2 visa to get married

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Video Transcript

It is a bad idea for a bunch of reasons. The better option would be where she can apply for an F-1 visa now, especially if she has been to the USA and gone back before. Her chances of getting an F-1 is good. If they have not been formally engaged then there is a question I think in the DS-160 during the student visa which asks: is your fiance is in the USA and I don't think if you are not engaged you can say yes to that question so I think she will be ok. Her chances of getting a student visa will be good because she has been to the USA before on a tourist visa. She must enter as a bona fide good faith student. She must want to go to school. After a semester or two, if they want to get married, I think that is ok. She can continue as a student while she waits out her GC category. That is the only smart scenario I see. More...

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