Impact of the new I-140 regulations

My I-140 approved (India/EB2) from Employer A in June 2015, I joined Employer B in Oct 2016. Employer A sent revocation of my I-140, on USCIS website today is showing below status: "On December 7, 2016, we received your correspondence for Form I-140 ..." Will I still be eligible for 3 years of multiple H-1 extension with my approved I-140 from employer A without filing new I-140?

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Your revocation of the I-140 is occurring from December 7 which is before January 17 where you would have been protected. I am worried that in your case if there was a revocation you will not be allowed for multiple H-1 extensions based upon an I-140 that has been revoked. If the revocation was from January 17 onwards you would be fine, but if it is before January 17 you will no longer have the right to keep getting H-1 extensions if the employer revokes your I-140. That was the old law. More...


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