Working from Canada on or off H-1B

Questions, 1. Can I stay in Vancouver while I commute to Seattle for work once a month for a day? Is there any restriction on the amount of time I need to spend inside the US on H1B? Is there any restriction to how frequently I can go in/out of the US on H1B?
2. Since my work location would be changing to Seattle from California for me to be able to do this. I am suspecting my PERM will need to be refiled. But given that my H1B is expiring next year and the PERM, I140 process takes almost 1-1.5 years. Can my current company use an older existing approved I-140 petition to help me get my H1B Visa extended? My older I-140 had been approved for more than an year before I left the employer.
3. Will doing this have any impact on my H1B Renewal? I would need to go for re-stamping next year in September.

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Working from Canada on or off H-1B

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1. Sure and there are no restrictions on time.

2. No, not really. Depends on how the PERM was filed. You should talk to your lawyers. Regarding I-140 yes of course as long as at least one day of that approval period was on or after January 17, 2017.

3. No impact on your H-1B renewal.

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