Loss of H-1B Job and Opting for B-2 Visa

1) I lost my job almost 6 months ago. I was on H1B with I-140 approved. I filed for a change of status to B2 (not approved yet). Now I have to extend again since I wasn't able to find a job and cannot move out of the USA right now. How long/many times can one extend a B2 under the given circumstances?
2) If for whatever reason say the original B2 petition filed in July gets denied do I get illegal presence for all these months from July? How long(days/weeks) does a person has to leave the country in this case?
3) Any suggestion on what steps to take if USCIS does not approve COS from B2 (pending) to H1b but processes as consular processing. I am a Canadian resident but I heard only emergency visa appointments are available.

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Video Transcript

1. Until the B-2 is denied you could try to keep getting it extended.

2. No, as long as a timely filed B-2 was pending you have no unlawful presence.

Well, technically you have no grace period to leave, but the 180 days begin to be counted from the date of the B-2 denial, not from the date of the 60 days expiration of the H-1B.

3. At this point you should talk to a lawyer.  FAQ in detail...


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