Naturalization Delays

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See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.

FAQ Transcript:

Typically, there is a law on the box that allows you to file a lawsuit against the government. If there has been an unreasonable delay and there has been a certain time period provided. But some courts (depends on which place you reside) have said that the time for which we start counting the delay does not begin until the security clearance are received.  

Question: I am living in Lexington, Ky. My wife and I filed N-400 for citizenship on 2nd Feb 2015. Our 5 years’ green card date was 14th April 2015. My wife already got her interview, oath, passport done 3.5 months back but I am still waiting for my interview. Its already 9.5 months. Our field office is in Louisville, KY and their website shows that their processing time is 5 months. My application is way beyond 5 months. I did submit case inquiries and first time (9/11/15) they told me that “Due to workload unrelated to your case there is a delay” and second time 10/15/15 they told me that “security clearance is being done”. I took the infopass and went to Louisville field office. They told me that my case is with “national service center” I think and they are waiting for security clearance. Just wondering, is there a time limit to the security clearance? I was reading over the web that some people in my situation did something called “writ of mandamus” with the help of a Lawyer. Do you think, this is something an option for me? 

I think what you should do is get with your congressmen’s office. Call your congressmen, tell them to follow up the case. Let’s see what they say. That would be the quickest and zero cost method for you.

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