Naturalization/Citizenship Delay

My Citizenship Interview was held on July 8th 2013 (become PR 6/2007) and it is pending since then due to middle name issue. My Indian passport and documents in US does not have middle name, but my Birth certificate has listed my name along with middle name (there is no middle name section in the birth certificate, so they did not bother to mark it separately.

So it has been approx. 2 years and I reached out multiple times about the status and so far I got an answer “Will let you know once the decision is made”. Also I have been told that they need to do another round of security check with my name, including the middle name.

Now, my company wants me to send me to Germany for some years (approx. 2+ years). I am not sure how I can proceed further. My wife and Kids are US citizens and they will have to move with me to Germany for couple of years.

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See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.

FAQ Transcript

When you have this length of delay for two years the best thing to do is first approach your congressman’s office. Go to enter your zip code and it tells you who your house of representative members are and who your senator is. Contact either one of them. Send a letter to the representative and tell them you live in their area and you are a constituent and you have a pending naturalization application that has been stuck for two years. If they are not able to resolve it get yourself a lawyer and file for a law suit. Normally I don’t recommend a law suit but when naturalization applications have been delayed so long a law suit is a good bet.

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