Traveling after applying for naturalization/citizenship pending

1. My husband and I are planning to apply for citizenship and had Green Card for the 9 years. We are planning to travel to India for approx. 3 weeks in spring (March 2017)?
2. Can I travel after filling application for citizenship?
3. Should I plan that after biometrics or can be before that as well?
4. The Green Card expires Nov. 2017?
5. Also, is employment necessary or helpful when applying?
6. Do we have to reside in USA 3 months at a stretch?

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Video Transcript:

1. That's not a problem.

2. Sure.

3. As long as you appear for biometrics or request that biometrics has been scheduled, I don't see any problem. 

4. I don't think that matters either.

5. No, it is not needed, as long as your taxes are paid up I don't see any problem.

6. I don't think three weeks absence is going to cause a problem in the domicile requirement. But if you want to be overly cautious, you can come back and stay extra three weeks before you apply. 


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