AC21 AOS Portability

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Discussion Topics: - AOS status through EB3 category - E2 Visa (Visa for Australian Citizens only) with spouse on E2D (E2 Dependent) with work not allowed - Dependant EAD (C36) - NOID in H1B-Extension - carrying green card while going to office, shopping, library etc.

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Discussion Topics, Thursday 8 March 2018:

FAQ: Change of status to student F-1 while green card is in process || H-4 EAD termination and converting to H-1B ||If H-1B transfer is denied, can go back to my old employer? || When does AC21 job portability begin? || Can H-1B be extended through a new employer while the I-140 is in process? || Which jobs can qualify for an H-1B visa? || EB-1C for functional managers - overseas team inclusion || The 180 rule for priority dates/H-1B extension || Leave without pay for H-1B / Status

Other: When is an H-1B amendment required? || Errors in H-1B, amendment || L-1A working in multiple countries || Extensions of OPT when there are accreditation issues with college || I-140 approved changing jobs; no pay stubs applying for H-1B || Status of H-4 if H-1 is rejected || H-1B transfer issues where old H-1 revoked || Concurrent H-1B || Duration of H-1B based upon project duration varying through different vendors in the chain of contracts ||

AC-21 Job Portability, Changing Jobs Before 180 Days

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I do not see any issue other than the time issue so if you are able to have the I-485 pending for 180 days you are good. More...

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Discussion Topics, Thursday 8 February 2018:

FAQ: H-1B or other status denied - what is my status?|| Can I get H4 visa stamping while the H1 to H4 change of status is still pending? ||AC 21 job portability, changing jobs before 180 days || AC 21 job portability, changing jobs before 180 days || National interest waiver (NIW) filing when priority date is not current || Other: Fixing I 20 problems ||L-1A amendment issues ||changing from H-1B to F1 ||Reentry permit and N-470 || multiple H-1B filings for the lottery/quota ||returning back to old H-1B employer if H-1B transfer is denied ||Impact of terminated deportation proceedings, logistics ||impact of revocation of I 140, EB-1C filing || Entering the United States on H-1B without a job || Client address change, DS160 filing || H-4 EAD and H-1 questions

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Discussion Topics

FAQ: When does one become H-1B cap exempt? || Filing EB-1C, International Managers or Executives green card || Erroneously given longer duration on H-1B than eligible || Porting green card to a self owned company under AC21 portability || AC21 green card portability for a lateral move from developer to analyst || Revocation of H-4 EAD rules || H-1B RFE for specialty occupation || TN applying for green card ||

Other: I-94 through new company H-1B || Issues related to H-1B transfer, not joining an employer, etc. || Changing for H-1B to H-4 EAD and back to H-1B || Denial of I-751 to remove conditional status’; NTA issued || Green card AOS/I-485 interviews for employment based applicants || Background checks for visa stamping || I-824 processing times for obtaining duplicate approval notice || Refund of premium processing fee || Getting F-1 visa from a consulate while family-based green card is pending || Effect on green card application of change in job duties/salary|| Traveling after green card approval, etc.


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