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Tarun Chopra
Green Card: 
United States
Rajiv Khanna or Murthy?
Rajiv Khanna took my EB2 portability case (from EB3 PD of July/2004) got all approvals. Recently I got Green Card. Earlier, I used another attorney to port EB3 but PERM was audited and then rejected. All the money invested there was a complete loss of time and money, not to mention all the frustation that comes along with any rejection. Rajiv Khanna and team are best in business. They are priced flat so they really want to take care of your case in most efficient manner. If it takes more time initially to “prep-up” for case then they want to make sure that all grounds are covered in case they are audited. Trust them! they know what they are doing. Now the big question - Rajiv Khanna or Murthy? Pretty much thats what you have been thinking anyways. My vote goes to Rajiv Khanna all the way. Why? Its very Simple, initial consulation was very direct, free and it was with Rajiv Khanna himself plus his team. Any decision made on file was consulted with Rajiv Khanna. If I ever wanted to talk to Rajiv Khanna about any thing around my case, his team would setup an appointment and I would be able to get answers in no time. Again, they charge flat fees so I never paid for any of sessions I had with Rajiv directly. His knowledge, experience and humble approach makes big difference. I am glad I don’t have to go through Green Card processing again, but if I do, I would blindly pick Rajiv Khanna to guide me through again.