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Green Card: 
New Jersey
United States
My wife and I received our I-485 approval on July 3rd 2010 EB2 Category with PD September 23 2005. Rajiv S. Khanna was our attorney and he has simply wonderful team of case workers.I like to thank personally Prerna Mehta who was very helpful in every step of my I 485 and I 140 process. Also I want to thank Richa Narang for following up with me regarding GC filing during initial stages which lead to my GC approval. I like to thank Rita Dhakal who helped me in filing I 485 case by reviewing the file very carefully and pointing out any mistakes and it lead to my I485 approval. This is a great team of attorneys who you cannot get any where else. They are highly professional and very efficient. They are very polite and calm whenever you call them and also you get the response very quickly. Over all this was a great experience for me personally. I would consult them in the future if I need any immigration related legal advice. All I can say is that they both feel just like family and are truly the best team i have worked with for any such legal matters or otherwise. Thanks to Rajiv and his excellent team.