Adoption Notice Re: Guatemala

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Casa Quivira Cases: DOS issued an alert on December 28, 2009 informing that the Office of the Solicitor General's (PGN's) appeal of the 2009 decision determining the adoptability of the children taken into custody from Casa Quivira was upheld by the appeals court. Note, these children include those who are already residing in the U.S.

Semillas de Amor Cases: DOS advises that these proceedings (including those involving children already living in the U.S.) under the Guatemalan judiciary were re-scheduled given that motions were filed by prospective adoptive parents countering PGN's preparations to return several children to extended family members.  

The Guatemalan press has also recently reported that Susana Maria Luarca Saracho, a facilitator of international adoptions for Asociacion Primavera, was arrested on December 16, 2009 on charges of irregular adoptions.

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