TSC Updates – 05/14/10

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Reopening of a denied I-140 case -  Cases when a denied I-140 is reopened, the center (TSC) usually reopens any ancillary applications like I-485, I-131 and I-765 that were denied only because of the denied I-140.  Generally the procedure takes about 60 days for the file to be acquired form National Records Center or AAO and to reopen. If the ancillary cases are not reopened within the 60 day period members can make an inquiry with the NCSC customer service line or –email to Streamline.Tsc@dhs.gov


I-140 cases held in abeyance-  In a case when an I-140 is denied for lack of ability to pay and the ability to pay issue is appealed then a subsequent identical I-140 filing would typically be held in abeyance pending the outcome of the appeal. Hence an I-140 filed for a beneficiary in the same classification while an appeal is pending will typically be held in abeyance.

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