L-1B (Specialized Knowledge Intra-Company Transferee)

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We were retained to assist with re-filing a complex L-1B petition. The case had various intricate issues regarding the beneficiary's eligibility for L-1B classification. One prominent issue was that the petitioner wanted the beneficiary to operate from the client site instead of the premises of the petitioner. The earlier petition, processed in-house by the employer, was denied by USCIS on the grounds that the petitioner failed to satisfy eligibility criteria for L-1B classification. The employer did not provide appropriate evidence to prove the specialized knowledge of the beneficiary and the employer-employee relationship. The petitioner also failed to provide certain crucial supporting evidence. With the aforementioned background, we took over the case and filed a new L-1B petition. We prepared a complete and detailed petition, addressing each requirement for L-1B classification. Throughout the process, our firm continuously advised and guided the petitioner in preparing, collecting and collating the extensive supporting documentation for the petition: The L-1B petition was timely approved.

L-1B approved.
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