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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team including Ms Baker, Mr Khanna amd Ms Waddell for their excellent and prompt efforts in helping me transfer out of a J1 waiver job. The team was excellent to work with and treated me with respect and was very professional. The approval came in within 2 weeks without any RFE's.
The chances of approval were poor due to lack of consent from the primary state, but the team achieved nothing less than a miracle. Cheers!!! and Congratulations!!!! God Bless you!.

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Change in job roles while green card is pending || H-1B Working for multiple clients through the same consulting company || H-1B taking unpaid leave: COVID, Status, maternity/paternity

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Discussion Topics, Thursday,  October 17, 2019

FAQ:  Filing I-485 through a new employer, if the old priority date gets current || Compelling Circumstances EAD || Converting from H-1B to H-4 and back again ||  How long is an I-140 approval valid? 

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Successful J-1 waiver

United States

I consulted some lawyers on how to waive my 2 years residency, I wasn't able to finish my program or even meet the 2/3 rule. Me and my husband are so hopeless and don't know what to do, only thing that we know is through Hardship Waiver. And then God sent an angel.

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Citizenship for Employees of Consulting Companies who have Projects in Different Cities after Green Card

My Question is after getting green card and leaving consulting employer after 14 months, when person applies for US Citizenship (8 years after getting green card) can USCIS ( knowing that sponsoring company was consulting) asks for client letter, contracts ( like H-1B documentation ) for the period when employee was working with GC employer( after GC approved) ?

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